Area Riservata

Area riservata al personale tecnico amministrativo e docente

The Academic Senate has recently approved the proposal advanced by the Department for International Relations to introduce and institutionalize the figure of Visiting Professors (Full Professors), Visiting Researchers (Researchers with at least a 4-year experience) and Visiting Fellows (Researchers with less than 4 years’ experience) in order to implement the exchange of distinguished teachers and researchers interested in conducting didactics as well as research activities at our University under existing international cooperation agreements with European and Third-Country Universities. The presence of Visiting Professors, Visiting Researchers and Visiting Fellows will help increase the attractiveness of the University of Foggia abroad and support the process of internationalization by:

  • strengthening existing academic relationships; 
  • signing new agreements and starting new cooperation projects; 
  • providing students with the opportunity to test and assess different and innovative teaching methods.

Scholars visiting the University of Foggia are kindly requested to fill in the 'Visiting Professors Application Form' (DOC).


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